Buy A Tesla and Reduce Your Car Payment by Almost 50%. Smart Car Buying Strategies

How to Buy a Tesla Half Price

When it comes to buying a car, there are innovative methods that can help you buy a Tesla at a 50% discount. This article will explore two different approaches to purchasing a new electric car, specifically focusing on the Tesla Model 3 as an example. By changing the way you buy a car and considering the benefits of buying within a company structure, you can significantly reduce your car payment and enjoy the advantages of owning an electric vehicle.

Exploring New Car Buying Methods

To begin your journey towards reducing your car payment, it’s crucial to learn about alternative car buying methods. By exploring different approaches, you can make an informed decision and save money in the process. When considering a new electric car, it’s important to take into account various factors such as tax savings and overall cost.

Significant Tax Savings with Company-Structured Tesla Purchase

One highly effective strategy for reducing your car payment involves purchasing a Tesla under a company structure. This approach offers substantial tax savings. Typically, individuals pay taxes on their salary before making a car purchase, resulting in less disposable income. However, opting to buy a Tesla through a company can lead to significant tax benefits, making it a more advantageous option.

Tax Deductibility

Another advantage of buying a car through a company is the tax deductibility it offers, which can lead to substantial savings. When a car is purchased through a company, the full price of the vehicle can be written off against profits. This can result in lower benefits in kind and provide significant tax savings.

The Benefits of Purchasing an Electric Car within a Company

Purchasing an electric car under a company structure makes sense due to the benefits kind associated with it. Benefit kind refers to goods and services provided to employees either for free or at a reduced cost. The government imposes taxes on the value of such benefits, making it expensive to buy non-electric cars under a company. Therefore, opting for an electric car within a company can help you save money and enjoy the associated benefits.

Lower Benefit in Kind Rates for Personal Electric Car Purchase

It’s worth noting that buying electric cars under a personal name comes with lower benefit-in-kind rates. The government incentivizes clean cars by offering reduced benefit-in-kind rates. These rates vary based on the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of the car. Therefore, if you choose to purchase an electric car personally, you can take advantage of these lower rates and further decrease your car payment.

Additional Savings and Investment Opportunities with Company Electric Car Purchase

Purchasing an electric car within a company not only saves you money but also opens up investment opportunities. The tax savings from owning an electric car can leave you with extra funds. You can utilize these savings to invest in an Individual Savings Account (ISA) or a general investing account, allowing you to compound your savings over time and achieve financial growth.

Tax Savings and Lower Maintenance Costs: The Benefits of Electric Cars

Consider buying an electric car for both tax savings and lower maintenance costs. Electric cars require less maintenance due to the absence of an engine and fewer service requirements. By switching to an electric car, you can enjoy reduced maintenance expenses, contributing to overall savings. Furthermore, electric cars offer additional tax benefits, such as exemption from congestion charges and road tax. Charging costs and insurance premiums are also 100% tax deductible, further enhancing the financial advantages.

Exploring Tax Advantages and Other Purchase Options for Electric Cars

When buying a new electric car, it is essential to consider the tax advantages associated with the purchase. By writing off the cost of the car, charging expenses, and insurance premiums, you can maximize your savings. Additionally, lease and finance options are available to make the purchase more accessible. As a bonus, purchasing a Tesla through the provided link grants you 1000 free supercharge points, adding even more value to your electric car purchase.


Reducing your car payment by almost 50% is achievable by adopting smart car buying strategies. By exploring alternative car buying methods, considering the benefits of buying within a company structure, and taking advantage of the tax savings and lower maintenance costs offered by electric cars, you can significantly decrease your car expenses. Make an informed decision, explore the available options, and pave the way for a more affordable and sustainable car ownership experience.

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